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 [Professor and Chairman] Hsiao-Wen Wang More

Diploma:Dr. jur. Frankfurt/Main, Germany


Course: Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, Seminar on Criminal Policy

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 [Professor] Yue-Dian Hsu More


Diploma:Ph. Dr. jur Tubingen University, Germany


Course: Seminar on Constitution and Administrative Law, Education Law, Religion Law, Culture Law

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 [Professor] Chih-Fang Tsai More

Diploma:Ph.Dr. National Taiwan University, ROC


Course: Legal Methods, Study on Basic Problems of Public Law, Seminar on Administrative Remedies, Seminar on Laws of Industrial Security, Seminar on Laws of Energies, Laws and Livings

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 [Professor] Yun-Tsai Chen More

Diploma:Ph.Dr. Kobe University,Japan


Course: Criminal Law: Kinds of Offense, Criminal Procedure Law, and Seminar on Criminal Evidence Law

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 [Professor] Wei-In Tsai More

Diploma:Ph.Dr. Munich University, Germany


Course: Seminar on Labour Laws, Seminar on Laws of Social Welfare, Readings on Selected German Juristic Masterpiece, Laws and Livings

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 [Professor] Chung-Hsin Hsu More

Diploma:Ph.D. in law, Cambridge University



Course: Corporation Law, Maritime Act, Seminar on International Trade Law, and Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights

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 [Professor] Ing-Ling Hou More

Diploma:Ph. Dr. Tubingen, Germany


Course: Seminar on Civil Code, Legal History, Law and Livings, Medicine and Law, Seminar on Medical Malpratice Law

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 [Professor] Chun-Jen Chen More

Diploma:S.J.D ., with Distinction , Georgetown University Law Center


Course: Corporate Law Seminar, Securities Regulation Seminar, Securities Regulation, Corporate Law, Payment Systems, Insurance Law, Torts, and Contracts

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 [Professor] Chia-Wen Lee More

Diploma:SJD. Indiana University -Bloomington, School of Law


Course: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Criminology, Seminar on Criminal Procedure law, and Seminar on Sociology of Law

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 [Professor] Shu-chin Kuo More

Diploma:S.J.D., Northwestern University Law School


Course: Law of Domestic Relation, Civil Procedural Law, Seminar on Anthropology of Law

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 [Professor] Tze-Tien Hsu More

Diploma:Dr. jur., Tubingen University, Germany


Course: Criminal Code-General Principles, Criminal Code-Kinds of Offenses, Code of Criminal Procedure

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 [Professor] Chen-Chung Ku More

Diploma:Dr. jur. Potsdam University, Germany


Course: Criminal Code: General Principles, and Introduction to Science and Technology in Criminal Law

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 [Professor] Yi-Tien Lin More

Diploma:Dr. jur. University of Mainz, Germany
Course:Summary of Civil Law Obligations,Civil Law Succession,Civil law relatives,patent law,Fair Trading Act,Copyright Law,private international law

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 [Professor] Teng-Ko Hsu More

Diploma:Dr. National Taiwan University, ROC


Course: Seminar on Law for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects and Legal Issues on Technology Management

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 [Professor] Hsiao-Fen HSU More

Docteur en Droit Privé, Université de Strasbourg

Professor, Department of Law

Director, Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer, Innovation Headquarters

National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


Research NCKU:

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 [Professor] Jing-Huey Shao More

Diploma:S.J.D., Washington University in St.Louis


Course: Civil Procedure Law, International Private Law, Selected Readings on American Law, Consumer Protection Act, Seminar on Business Management and Law

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 [Associate Professor] Yu-Cheng Wang More

Diploma:Dr. jur. Wurzburg University, Germany


Course: Administration Law and Environmental law

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 [Associate Professor] Yi-Kai Chen More

Diploma:Dr.jur., Eberhard Karl University of Tubingen, Germany


Course:International Law, International Law of the Sea, Law of the International Organisations, European Law

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 [Associate Professor] Szu-Ting Chen More

Diploma:Docteur en droit, Universite de Nantes, France


Course: Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Law, Information & Technology Law, Civil Law- Obligations/Property, French for Legal Study, Introduction to French Legal System

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 [Associate Professor] Ya-Lun Yen More

Diploma:Dr. National Taiwan University, ROC


Course: Insurance Act, The Trade Secrets Act, Case Studies of International Transactions, Seminar on Antitrust Law Issues in High-Tech Industries

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 [Associate Professor] Wan-Ju Yeh More

Diploma:Dr. jur. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen University, Germany


Course: Civil Law: General Principle, Case Studies of Compensation, Law and Humanities, Seminar on Construction Contract

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 [Associate Professor] Tsung-I Chen More

Diploma:Dr.jur.Doctor of Laws, University of Munich, Germany
Course:public law,Introduction to Law,enforcement law

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 [Associate Professor] Wan-Tsui Chiang More

Diploma:Dr.jur.Indiana University Maurer School of Law in the United States
Course:American tort law,Public Health and Civil Law,Summary of Civil Law,Obligations,Non-Contentious Matter Law,Health Care Organizations and the Law

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 [Associate Professor] Wen-Chin Chen More

Diploma:Dr.jur.Doctor of Laws, University of Marburg, Germany
Course:General Introduction to Tax Law,Research on Basic Issues of Tax Law,Civil Law Property Rights,Inheritance of relatives in civil law,Civil and Commercial Law German

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 [Adjunct Professor] Ke-Chung Ko More

Education:Dr. jur. Koln University, Germany

Courses:Civil Procedure Law, Introduction of Jurisprudence, Tax Law

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 [Adjunct Assistant Professor] Wu-Chuan Tung More

Diploma:Dr. jur. National Chung Cheng University/Main, Taiwan

Judge and President at Taiwan Tainan District Court(106年10月至112年8月)

Specialized Study in Court Organization Act
Specialized Study in Criminal Procedure Practice

Specialized Study in Criminal Law Substance and Procedure Criminal Trial

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 [Staff] Jen-Ying Yen More


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 [Staff] Chia-Chun Wang More


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 [Staff] Marly Shen More


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