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 [Professor and Chairman] Hsiao-Wen Wang More

Diploma:Dr. jur. Frankfurt/Main, Germany


Course: Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, Seminar on Criminal Policy

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 [Professor] Yue-Dian Hsu More


Diploma:Ph. Dr. jur Tubingen University, Germany


Course: Seminar on Constitution and Administrative Law, Education Law, Religion Law, Culture Law

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 [Professor] Chih-Fang Tsai More

Diploma:Ph.Dr. National Taiwan University, ROC


Course: Legal Methods, Study on Basic Problems of Public Law, Seminar on Administrative Remedies, Seminar on Laws of Industrial Security, Seminar on Laws of Energies, Laws and Livings

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 [Professor] Yun-Tsai Chen More

Diploma:Ph.Dr. Kobe University,Japan


Course: Criminal Law: Kinds of Offense, Criminal Procedure Law, and Seminar on Criminal Evidence Law

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 [Professor] Wei-In Tsai More

Diploma:Ph.Dr. Munich University, Germany


Course: Seminar on Labour Laws, Seminar on Laws of Social Welfare, Readings on Selected German Juristic Masterpiece, Laws and Livings

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 [Professor] Chung-Hsin Hsu More

Diploma:Ph.D. in law, Cambridge University



Course: Corporation Law, Maritime Act, Seminar on International Trade Law, and Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights

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 [Professor] Ing-Ling Hou More

Diploma:Ph. Dr. Tubingen, Germany


Course: Seminar on Civil Code, Legal History, Law and Livings, Medicine and Law, Seminar on Medical Malpratice Law

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 [Professor] Chun-Jen Chen More

Diploma:S.J.D ., with Distinction , Georgetown University Law Center


Course: Corporate Law Seminar, Securities Regulation Seminar, Securities Regulation, Corporate Law, Payment Systems, Insurance Law, Torts, and Contracts

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 [Professor] Chia-Wen Lee More

Diploma:SJD. Indiana University -Bloomington, School of Law


Course: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Criminology, Seminar on Criminal Procedure law, and Seminar on Sociology of Law

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 [Professor] Shu-chin Kuo More

Diploma:S.J.D., Northwestern University Law School


Course: Law of Domestic Relation, Civil Procedural Law, Seminar on Anthropology of Law

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 [Professor] Tze-Tien Hsu More

Diploma:Dr. jur., Tubingen University, Germany


Course: Criminal Code-General Principles, Criminal Code-Kinds of Offenses, Code of Criminal Procedure

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 [Professor] Chen-Chung Ku More

Diploma:Dr. jur. Potsdam University, Germany


Course: Criminal Code: General Principles, and Introduction to Science and Technology in Criminal Law

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 [Professor] Yi-Tien Lin More

Diploma:Dr. jur. University of Mainz, Germany
Course:Summary of Civil Law Obligations,Civil Law Succession,Civil law relatives,patent law,Fair Trading Act,Copyright Law,private international law

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 [Professor] Teng-Ko Hsu More

Diploma:Dr. National Taiwan University, ROC


Course: Seminar on Law for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects and Legal Issues on Technology Management

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 [Professor] Hsiao-Fen HSU More

Diploma:Docteur en Droit Privé,  Université de Strasbourg
Course:Intellectual Property Law,Engineering Law and Intellectual Property Management,Innovative design of medical equipment,French for Law

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 [Professor] Jing-Huey Shao More

Diploma:S.J.D., Washington University in St.Louis


Course: Civil Procedure Law, International Private Law, Selected Readings on American Law, Consumer Protection Act, Seminar on Business Management and Law

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 [Associate Professor] Yu-Cheng Wang More

Diploma:Dr. jur. Wurzburg University, Germany


Course: Administration Law and Environmental law

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 [Associate Professor] Yi-Kai Chen More

Diploma:Dr.jur., Eberhard Karl University of Tubingen, Germany


Course:International Law, International Law of the Sea, Law of the International Organisations, European Law

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 [Associate Professor] Szu-Ting Chen More

Diploma:Docteur en droit, Universite de Nantes, France


Course: Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Law, Information & Technology Law, Civil Law- Obligations/Property, French for Legal Study, Introduction to French Legal System

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 [Associate Professor] Ya-Lun Yen More

Diploma:Dr. National Taiwan University, ROC


Course: Insurance Act, The Trade Secrets Act, Case Studies of International Transactions, Seminar on Antitrust Law Issues in High-Tech Industries

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 [Associate Professor] Wan-Ju Yeh More

Diploma:Dr. jur. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen University, Germany


Course: Civil Law: General Principle, Case Studies of Compensation, Law and Humanities, Seminar on Construction Contract

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 [Associate Professor] Tsung-I Chen More

Diploma:Dr.jur.Doctor of Laws, University of Munich, Germany
Course:public law,Introduction to Law,enforcement law

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 [Associate Professor] Wan-Tsui Chiang More

Diploma:Dr.jur.Indiana University Maurer School of Law in the United States
Course:American tort law,Public Health and Civil Law,Summary of Civil Law,Obligations,Non-Contentious Matter Law,Health Care Organizations and the Law

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 [Associate Professor] Wen-Chin Chen More

Diploma:Dr.jur.Doctor of Laws, University of Marburg, Germany
Course:General Introduction to Tax Law,Research on Basic Issues of Tax Law,Civil Law Property Rights,Inheritance of relatives in civil law,Civil and Commercial Law German

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 [Adjunct Professor] Ke-Chung Ko More

Education:Dr. jur. Koln University, Germany

Courses:Civil Procedure Law, Introduction of Jurisprudence, Tax Law

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 [Adjunct Assistant Professor] Wu-Chuan Tung More

Judge and President at Taiwan Tainan District Court(106年10月至112年8月)
Specialized Study in Criminal Procedure Practice
Specialized Study in Criminal Law Substance and Procedure
Criminal Trial

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 [Adjunct Assistant Professor] Mei-Chia Chih More

Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Institute of Financial & Economic Law (IFEL), Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Lawyer at Chi Mei-Chia Law Firm
Civil Procedure Law
Enforcement Law

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 [Staff] Jen-Ying Yen More


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 [Staff] Chia-Chun Wang More


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 [Staff] Marly Shen More


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