The Department of Law encourages and requires full-time faculty members to devote to legal research, to write and to publish journal articles and treatises, and to deliver speeches and papers in conferences. It is noteworthy that the Department of Law has a policy to encourage full-time faculty members to explore interdisciplinary and emerging domestic political and economic issues related to new fields of law. As of the academic year of 2008, the law faculty cumulatively published 260 journal articles, including 45 in TSSCI journals, 136 conference papers, 39 treatises, 57 study reports, and 41 articles in other periodicals. Moreover, the law faculty received 42 research grants from the National Science Council and 70 research grants from the government and private sectors.

In addition, in order to demonstrate the research standard, to establish national and international recognition, to encourage innovative legal theories, and to promote domestic legal studies, the Department of Law published a semi-annual law review, Cheng Kung Law Review, to welcome contributions of manuscripts strictly employing the double-blind, peer review process. Besides, the Department of Law publishes a law treatise series, Cheng Kung Law Treatises, containing 25 law treatises written by full-time faculty members.