The Graduate Institute for Legal Sciences (GILS) was founded in 1995 and began to recruit graduate students in the fall 1996. At that time, GILS had two full-time faculty members, Prof. Dr. jur. Chih-Fang Tsai (also acted as the director of the institute), and Associate Prof. Dr. jur. Li-Jen Kuo. Full-time and part-time faculty members have increased gradually since then. In August 2002, Prof. Dr. jur. Li-Jen Kuo became the director of GILS. The department of Law was founded in the fall 2003. Prof. Dr. Jur. Li-Jen Kuo is also the director of this new department. Because of the national need for interdisciplinary person-power, the Graduate Institute of Technology law, which combines legal research and science & technology research, was founded in August 2004. The new institute is also under the leadership of Prof. Dr. jur. Li-Jen Kuo. In 2011, the Graduate Institute of Technology law combined with GILS. Currently, there are 19 full-time professors. The numbers of students in the department and institutes are as follows: 60 college students per year; 48 GILS students per year (including Public Law [11], Civil and Commercial Law [13], Criminal Law [8], and Technology Law [16].)

From the 1997 academic year to the 2010 academic year, Xu Yudian, a distinguished professor, served as the head of the department (cum director). With the interaction of teachers and colleagues in the department dedicated to teaching and caring for students, the ranking of high school students' choice has jumped to the third choice in the country. And continue to improve. Starting from the 2010 academic year, Professor Chen Junren will serve as the head of the department, and will focus on the three cores of students, teachers and the department, and will be committed to mutual growth and development. From the 2019 academic year onwards, Professor Chen Yuncai concurrently serves as the head of the department. From the 2012 academic year, Professor Wang Xiaowen concurrently served as the head of the department and led the progress of the department.